Godminster Mature Organic Cheddar 200g


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Godminster’s Mature Organic Cheddar is proudly made in the heart of Somerset and is full of intensely creamy flavour. It is the perfect every day cheddar that is rich enough to be enjoyed alone. Our Mature Cheddar also makes the perfect ingredient! From a classic Cheese & Pickle Sandwich to a family favourite of Mac n Cheese, this cheese makes the most excellent addition to any recipe.

How to store me

All of our cheeses are organic which means that they don’t contain any preservatives other than salt and will require storing below 5 degrees celsius. In order to enjoy your Godminster cheese at its best, allow it to come up to room temperature an hour before serving to bring out all the lovely flavours

Nutritional value

Mature Organic Cheddar Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)

Energy:  1725kJ/416 kcal

Fat: 34.9g

Of which saturates: 21.7g

Total Carbohydrates: 0.1g

Sugar: <0.001g

Protein: 25.4g

Allergens- Contains Milk